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The Benefits of Being a WineExpress Affiliate


You can start earning money today with your website by becoming a WineExpress.com affiliate marketing partner. We pay competitive commissions to sites that drive quality traffic to WineExpress.com. WineExpress.com provides unique value to your site's visitors by stocking hundreds of wine varieties and working with vineyards from around the world to develop original reserves only available at WineExpress.com! Your visitors will recognize the superior quality, variety and value guaranteed to yield high conversion rates. Don't worry, we've got all the details under control - we handle the customer experience, including payment transaction, customer service and wine club memberships.

Here's a snapshot of the WineExpress.com affiliate program:

Product Info

WineExpress.com is the exclusive wine shop partner of The Wine Enthusiast catalog and website. We stock hundreds of wine varieties and exclusive reserves only available at WineExpress.com.

Standard Commissions*

6% for regular purchases and $10 for all Wine Clubs




30 days

Tracking System

Impact Radius

Marketing Tool Kit

We provide banners, text links and product links to meet your marketing needs. Stay on top of your performance 24/7 with accurate and up to date progress reports.

Participation is Easy & Free! Apply Now!

Competitive Compensation:

At WineExpress.com, we offer a 30-day cookie. This means that if a customer is driven to your site and does not make a purchase until 30 days later, you still receive credit for that sale. WineExpress.com is committed to working with quality affiliate marketing partners, and ensures they are generously compensated for their marketing efforts. Our program is free to join and easy-to-setup.

Our Commission Structure:

Product Purchases

Standard commissions start at 6%*

Wine Club Subscriptions

Standard commissions start at $10*

*We have the ability to offer higher commissions based on individual publisher performance. Email us for more information.

Benefits of Joining:

As a WineExpress.com affiliate partner, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Marketing support: promotional offers & incentive programs
  • Detailed reporting**: 24/7 online access to reports to track your progress
  • Prompt payment rewarded monthly
  • Unique value proposition: dedicated to fine quality and exclusive wine at reasonable prices, WineExpress.com provides unparalleled access your visitors will both appreciate and take advantage of.

Personalized Support and Tools for Success:

As a WineExpress.com affiliate marketing partner, you can rest assured you will be provided with the necessary tools and support you need to build a successful program.

Linking Programs:

  • Banners
  • Text Links
  • Product Page Links
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