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France has led the fine wine world for centuries, and it remains the reference point today. France’s wine is as diverse as its food, landscape, and people – indeed, French wine is a part of France’s culture and identity. French wine is iconic, though there is plenty of substance behind the style.

The Grand Crus of Burgundy are the most expensive wine in the world, setting records at auction and gracing the wine lists of the world’s most exclusive restaurants. Burgundy is not a land of luxury, however: The domaines are often little more than farms, tended to by the same families for generations. The classified growths of Bordeaux lie dormant in the private cellars of the world’s richest collectors, though they account for only a minority of the production.

The Rhône Valley boasts a wealth of legendary appellations, from Hermitage to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, each with its own identity and style. Champagne, despite many contenders, still dominates the sparkling wine world.

As if that weren’t quite enough for one country, there’s more. There is high-quality and regionally distinctive wine produced throughout France, from Alsace and the Loire Valley to the Southwest and Languedoc-Roussillon – and that’s not to mention Provence, Savoie or the Jura.