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amp;fmt=auto" alt="Soave Classico 2015 Calvarino, Pieropan" itemprop="image">

Soave Classico 2015 Calvarino, Pieropan

Bottle $27.47 $34.95
"Wine Enthusiast Magazine scored this 2015 vintage 96 points." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Gavi 2015 San Matteo" itemprop="image">

Gavi 2015 San Matteo

Bottle $8.47 $19.95
"Hints of peach, pear and flowers wrap around the generous finish." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Gavi di Gavi 2017 La Chiara" itemprop="image">

Gavi di Gavi 2017 La Chiara

Bottle $16.95
Case $14.95 per bottle (12) $179.40 per case
"The La Chiara estate was founded 1975 by the Bergaglio family with just 5 acres of vines. Today it has grown to a healthy 50 acres, located, on the hills of Liguria. The vines expo..." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Laluca Prosecco NV" itemprop="image">

Laluca Prosecco NV

Bottle $12.95
"LaLuca is a proprietary label created by Opici Wines honoring the newest addition to the 5th generation of the Opici family. It is a celebration of everything their family name sta..." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Giovanni Rosso 2017 Etna Bianco" itemprop="image">

Giovanni Rosso 2017 Etna Bianco

Bottle $39.95
Case $34.95 per bottle (12) $419.40 per case
"#35 on the Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Wines of 2019!" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Bertani 2018 Soave, Sereole" itemprop="image">

Bertani 2018 Soave, Sereole

Bottle $16.95
Case $14.95 per bottle (12) $179.40 per case
""A fresh and vivid Soave" 90 Points!" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Ottella 2018 Lugana DOC" itemprop="image">

Ottella 2018 Lugana DOC

Bottle $19.95
Case $14.95 per bottle (12) $179.40 per case
"Made from “Turbiana” grape, genetically similar to Verdicchio. Aged 5 months on fine lees before bottling." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Villa Antinori 2018 White, Toscana IGT" itemprop="image">

Villa Antinori 2018 White, Toscana IGT

Bottle $19.95
"Delightful White Blend from Antinori's Estate in Chianti Classico." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Pieropan 2018 Soave Classico, Calvarino" itemprop="image">

Pieropan 2018 Soave Classico, Calvarino

Bottle $32.95
"Exceptional Italian White!" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Marchese Antinori 2019 Orvieto Classico Superiore, San Giovanni della Sala" itemprop="image">

Marchese Antinori 2019 Orvieto Classico Superiore, San Giovanni della Sala

Bottle $27.95
Case $24.95 per bottle (12) $299.40 per case
"A new interpretation of the Orvieto Classico from Antinori." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Frescobaldi 2018 Pomino White Blend, Toscana" itemprop="image">

Frescobaldi 2018 Pomino White Blend, Toscana

Bottle $24.95
Case $19.95 per bottle (12) $239.40 per case
"A Tuscan white from a historic estate" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Nino Costa 2019 Arneis, Roero" itemprop="image">

Nino Costa 2019 Arneis, Roero

Bottle $18.95
Case $14.95 per bottle (12) $179.40 per case
"A Tre Bicchieri white for a steal!" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Prunotto 2019 Arneis, Roero" itemprop="image">

Prunotto 2019 Arneis, Roero

Bottle $24.95
"Delightful Piedmont white" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="La Scolca 2020 Gavi Dei Gavi, Black Label" itemprop="image">

La Scolca 2020 Gavi Dei Gavi, Black Label

Bottle $39.95 $48.95
Case $36.95 per bottle (12) $443.40 per case
"The Iconic White Wine of Piedmont!!" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Broglia 2020 Gavi di Gavi, La Meirana" itemprop="image">

Broglia 2020 Gavi di Gavi, La Meirana

Bottle $19.95
"From a historic estate in Gavi di Gavi" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Villa Sparina 2021 Gavi di Gavi" itemprop="image">

Villa Sparina 2021 Gavi di Gavi

Bottle $16.95 $17.95
"Italian white from a Winery of the Year!" Read More