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amp;fmt=auto" alt="Mionetto 'Luxury' Cuvee Anniversario Prosecco, 130th Anniversary Brut Nature" itemprop="image">

Mionetto 'Luxury' Cuvee Anniversario Prosecco, 130th Anniversary Brut Nature

Bottle $29.95 $32.95
Case $24.95 per bottle (12) $299.40 per case
"This Brut Nature has no residual sugar so the finis is delightfully dry. This limited edition cuvee is fruit forward and elegant." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Prosecco 071 Sachetto NV Extra Dry" itemprop="image">

Prosecco 071 Sachetto NV Extra Dry

Bottle $12.95
"A good value Prosecco that's harmonious, mellow, off-dry and fresh. Awarded a Silver Medal in the WSWA Tasting Competition. An appealing value!" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Bisol Jeio Prosecco Rose Brut NV" itemprop="image">

Bisol Jeio Prosecco Rose Brut NV

Bottle $13.47 $18.95
"The charmat method brings a silky effervescence. Dry and lively!" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Moscato D'Italia NV Candoni" itemprop="image">

Moscato D'Italia NV Candoni

Bottle $12.95 $16.95
"Delightful peach and apricot flavors that this ripe, sweet dessert wine displays." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Prosecco, Jeio Cuvee, Brut NV, Bisol" itemprop="image">

Prosecco, Jeio Cuvee, Brut NV, Bisol

Bottle $14.95 $18.95
Case $12.95 per bottle (12) $155.40 per case
"The Bisol family have been wine producers in Valdobbiadene for five centuries. The winery is located in S. Stefano di Valdobbiadene today and they cultivate directly more than 20 o..." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Mionetto Prosecco Brut, Treviso DOC" itemprop="image">

Mionetto Prosecco Brut, Treviso DOC

Bottle $14.95 $17.95
"Winner of the Chairman Trophy and 94 point score in the Ultimate Wine Challenge! The perfect wine for every occasion." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Laluca Prosecco NV" itemprop="image">

Laluca Prosecco NV

Bottle $12.95
"LaLuca is a proprietary label created by Opici Wines honoring the newest addition to the 5th generation of the Opici family. It is a celebration of everything their family name sta..." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Fantini Brut NV Gran Cuvee Rose" itemprop="image">

Fantini Brut NV Gran Cuvee Rose

Bottle $21.47 $28.95
"Fine value Italian Rose Sparkler ." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Canella Brut NV Rose, Pinot Noir" itemprop="image">

Canella Brut NV Rose, Pinot Noir

Bottle $27.95
Case $24.95 per bottle (12) $299.40 per case
"Delightful Sparkling Pinot Noir!" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Val D'Oca Prosecco DOC, Extra Dry" itemprop="image">

Val D'Oca Prosecco DOC, Extra Dry

Bottle $12.95
Case $11.95 per bottle (12) $143.40 per case
"A "Best Buy" Prosecco with a fruity finish." Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Caprari Lambrusco Fizzante Dolce" itemprop="image">

Caprari Lambrusco Fizzante Dolce

Bottle $14.95
Case $12.95 per bottle (12) $155.40 per case
"Sweet Lambrusco" Read More
amp;fmt=auto" alt="Nando Marsala Sweet" itemprop="image">

Nando Marsala Sweet

Bottle $14.95
Case $12.95 per bottle (12) $155.40 per case
"Sweet Marsala is a treat!" Read More