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The world of wine is vast and varied, and to taste a country’s wine is to gain a little insight into the place it comes from. The French notion of terroir suggests that wine can – and indeed should – have a sense of place and that the wine produced in each country, region or sub-region cannot truly be replicated elsewhere. Tasting a Napa Valley Cabernet can take you right to the heart of California wine country, just as opening a bottle of Barolo can bring you to the rolling hills of Piedmont.

Wine production has been traditionally divided into the “old world” and “new world”, though that distinction may not do justice to today’s wine landscape. Traditional old-world countries like France, Italy and Spain still respect the past while embracing modern technology and new approaches to viticulture and winemaking. The new world, often represented by the United States, Australia or New Zealand, has proven itself capable of producing quality wines every bit as serious, age-worthy and terroir-driven as their old-world counterparts.

Our extensive wine range covers the world’s best wine producing countries, expressing the depth and diversity that only wine can offer.